Happy 2012

After a painful lull, the guy behind 76th street is back and wishing you all a happy 2012.

This is however with a keen interest in provoking your thought showers on what is to be achieved this year in terms of excellence in journalism.

When I am having a beer with colleagues at the backstreets of Nairobi City I always share with them my dream of a Kenyan journalist being able to report science from space but they always shrug it off with discouraging nods.

But it is my belief that this is something achievable. After all, how did we come to know about space? Was it not the invention of mankind that took us their? Now if that is possible, why would journalism, a profession that is made what it is by open mindedness not be able to achieve this?

Please share your thoughts.


About seventysixthstreet

Science and human rights journalist, Kenya
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