That pint can keep off a mosquitoe bite after all

By David Njagi

To many households, the beginning of a family breakdown starts when the man of the home starts staggering home drunk.

But from my own experience, I think there are some positive attributes to be found when one is on the sauce, especially when it comes to creeping crawlies.

I visited a cousin in one of the low end residents in Nairobi. You can imagine the joy that blurred his focus of the day when he saw a buddy he had not met for about half a decade.

So off we set to the nearest pub to share on the lows and highs during the time we were not in touch.

Come evening, we head back to his crib where he lives with his wife and a one year old daughter.

It is a cosy place except for one thing, as I found out when I lay my inebriated trunk to rest – mosquitoes.

You know how their persistent buzzing drives one mad, but for me, I was too wreathed in the contents the East African brewer, that I just drifted into slumber land.

No net, no blanket – even if they were provided – just like that….

You know what to expect for light skinned people when they get in touch with filthy blood suckers. You get red sores all over your skin.

But can you imagine when I woke up the following day there was not a single mosquitoe bite on me.

Interesting huh?   Image


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Science and human rights journalist, Kenya
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