My day at the National Geographic, Internews Kenya, photo camp

The National Geographic and Internews Kenya photo camp which was held in Kisii in Nyanza province was to me an experience worth sharing about.

From the first day, all along the week, the adrenaline charged training revealed that indeed there is talent out there waiting to be tapped through the power of the lens.

From the good leadership of Matt Moyer, to the close scrutiny on Amy Toensing, to the sharp eye of Lynn Johnson, to the creative guide of Stacy Gold, to the cool tweak of Jim Webb, the weeklong training was to me seven days rolled into one. Thanks a heap Great Team.

Thanks also to the Internews Kenya Team led by Ida Jooste, who ensured she could not miss the last day of the training when the images rolled off the archives.

Dolphine Emali, who was always there to reassure us when the occasional hiccup clouded our confidence.

To Jimmy Makhulo who ensured that we had equipment and gear, even after facing embarrassment from Kenya Revenue Authority, who held back the training equipment for three days.

Not also forgetting Lydia Mwangi who made sure we were fed, slept under a roof, and that we were ferried to and from our assignments

I would also like to thank the subjects that shared with us their experience living with HIV.


David Njagi


About seventysixthstreet

Science and human rights journalist, Kenya
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One Response to My day at the National Geographic, Internews Kenya, photo camp

  1. Dolphine says:

    Thank you too Njagi for your commitment and determination to learn and implement!

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