My walk of shame through 2014

By David Njagi

Just when the cheers of the New Year were beginning to ebb away, we are again toasting to the merry of Christmas, 2014.

A year that has raced along with both intrigues and triumphs weighing each other in equal measure.

For me, 2014 was one of the fastest years in my life, but it was also one of the most testing and illuminating.

It was a year when my career was at its prime. I won assignments to cover the wider Eastern Africa, thanks to AllAfrica, Thompson Reuters Foundation, International Center For Journalists, and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative.

It was also a year where I made new friends, including Shadowfax, a smart dog that keeps watch at one of the estate joints. WW also came along just fine.

But as I made new friends, I lost track of old ones. Some took off after squirreling some money from me. Others took their careers to new heights.

Living at the estate came with its share of wins and losses. Within the quiet of my crib, I was able to pump new energy into the book that I began writing in mid 2013.

The only occasional hiccups were the sneaky neighbours who interrupted my quiet moments to sip my beer.

But the worst experience of all was the many times I had to face off with estate goons who still think they can take the law into their hands.

I was particularly shocked that most of the entertainment joints along Thika Superhighway serve more crooks than peace loving Kenyans.

However, kudos to the security officers whom I had the pleasure of meeting, and who have shown new commitment to work with the society through community policing.

I am not sure whether the reel will repeat itself in 2015. But a sage somewhere said we define our future by the experiences of the past.
I think 2015 will be fine. I hope…


About seventysixthstreet

Science and human rights journalist, Kenya
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